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Our smart use of technology helps brands and communities achieve their goals while freeing up their valuable time.

People Need People. Websites Need People, too

An expert web design & development studio from Southfield, MI, that makes tailored websites for unique people

In the era of impersonal website builders and fleeting tech trends, smaller companies often miss the true care their website needs.
Our approach strikes the perfect balance between swift, high-quality development, and dedicated, human-centric guidance.

We bridge the gap between the rigid structures of big-name design studios and freelancers who may lack consistent resources to stay with you through every step of the web design process.
From initial wireframing to achieving tangible results for your business, we create and nurture exceptional websites that reflect your unique identity and bring you real-life sales.

We've Walked in Your Shoes, Many Times

SmartSite Studio was born as a consequence of a simple observation: the industry focuses more on design and development rather than on business impact and long-term results.

Recognizing the potential to do better, Daniel started a web development studio in Southfield, Michigan. From 2020 until now, SmartSite helps local brands and non-profit organizations to establish their digital presence to unleash their full potential.

“Ever since I started crafting websites in 2014, I've met countless businesses confused by clumsy, generic web templates and lack of tangible results in their sales.

I made it my mission to deliver exactly what these brands needed: a crafted user experience, a headache free stack, and closing more deals. All this we were able to do with a carefully curated tech stack tailored to your real-life business needs.”

An expert web design & development studio from Southfield, MI, that makes tailored websites for unique people

Daniel Weingarden

CEO and Founder of SmartSite Studio

We don't just dive into detail; we live them. It's how the difference is made

Being a small business ourselves, we understand that outdated, rigid frameworks are poisonous for startups. Hence, we're built differently — our toolbox is constantly evolving, adapting to the unique needs of every brand we work with.

Your Growth is Our Primary Value

Our innovation is your daily comfort.

Our expertise is your client retention.

Our journey is your continuous success.

Fast & Lasting Result

Fast & Lasting Result

We pave the quickest route to high ROI and sales by keeping your website intuitive, minimalistic, and simple.

Personal Attention

Personal Attention

We delve into your business first and offer a one-of-a-kind solution tailored specifically to your business case next.

Adaptive Toolset

Adaptive Toolset

We adopt and integrate the latest technology into your business tech stack, but only if it is worth that.

Long-Term Relationship

Long-Term Relationship

We build meaningful partnerships with our clients and keep supporting, maintaining, and optimizing your website over time.

Hear It From Those Who Share Our Vision:

“SmartSite Studio is the real deal in SaaS web design. They guided our website journey from concept to our first paying clients.”

Scott Olson, CTO at ToucanX

“SmartSite Studio supercharged our sales after our website and branding re-design. Sales increased over 400%.”

Izzy Goldberg Founder, White Maple Landscaping

“MBD has majorly eveolved in the quality of the services it provides, predominintly due to the work SmartSite Studio has done to rebuild our whole system”

David Tenebaum, Matan B'Seter Detroit

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