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Create a thriving mobile app that goes viral. Make a business impact on the go by leveraging our personalized React development services.

Expand Your Business by Providing
Ultimate Mobile

Own an application to broaden your business opportunities and sales potential. Easily create a leading product in your niche with our help and watch it bear fruit.

Simplify Your Sales Process

Boost sales of your products or services by directly connecting with a customer on their mobile phone.

Overpower Competitors

Catch your audience where they hang out and entice users to your brand instead of others who don’t have an app.

Cultivate Customer Loyalty

Turn one-time buyers into lifelong fans by sending notifications and integrating loyalty programs.

Conquer Mobile App Niche

Stand out in the app world. We develop applications that don’t just exist but get real installs to lead their industry.

Fascinating Enterprise App Development Numbers:

26% Starbucks transactions happen in-app after the launch, while Walmart reports 40% higher spending among their app users.

Customers spend 7x more time on mobile apps than they do in browsers. 85% of them also prefer to shop in-app instead of a browser.

79% of users more often stay with a brand that offers a loyalty program. 49% of them spend more because of loyalty perks.

Conversions in apps are 157% higher than on mobile sites. That’s because people spend 88% of their online time inside apps.

Missing out on your mobile market leads?

You need a mobile app solution developed but lack the technical expertise…

Triple your online sales with hassle-free app creation

Request expert mobile development services to cover more audiences.

With SmartSite

Kol Koreh’s
Expansion After SmartSite’s
Design & Development


Market share growth


Increase in donations

"Our online learning platform got a complete revamp after we partnered with SmartSite studio for custom software development. Now, we have a powerful back-end system that allows us to manage hundreds of our clients easily.

These innovations allowed for our further expansion in Israel. We boosted our fundraising efforts with automated invoicing and receipt generation tools SmartSite built for us."


Rinat R. Green Psy.D.

Founder, Kol Koreh

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Enterprise Mobile App Development Services for Every Industry

Open up new horizons for your business revenue. Our expertise spans a broad spectrum of industries with a record of building React native apps for Michigan- and nationwide brands.

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Gaming Apps

Create a popular mobile game and instantly monetize it with in-app purchases, subscriptions, or mobile advertising.

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Healthcare Apps

Develop a mobile app to track users' health data, help them pre-diagnose their condition, or make a doctor's appointment.

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Fintech Apps

Streamline financial operations by creating a fintech mobile app. Bring online banking and investment to their fingertips.

From Concept to Launch: Your Mobile App's Roadmap

Know what to expect from us as we commit to building your software. Our priority is to align your unique vision, company goals, and app functionality.

Core Objectives


We identify what your business will achieve with an app and which specific pain points it will solve.

Mapping Out


We sketch out the future functionality of your product that will perfectly serve its purpose.



We create a detailed timeline for our development process and set reasonable deadlines.

Mobile App


We build the back-end,  design the front-end of your application, and integrate both.

Scaling for


We offer mobile maintenance, ASO, and strategic marketing support to help you evolve.

"Expect more than just an application. We deliver a full-scale digital solution for your business and care to align both your website and your app to work hand-in-hand toward your KPIs. To ensure their smooth integration, we use React Native."


Daniel Weingarden,

Creative Director at SmartSite 

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React ― Our Chosen Hero Among Mobile Frameworks

Save costs and time embracing mobile app development with React Native. We have several compelling reasons for picking React over Angular, Ionic, and all the rest:

Reason #1: Short Development Cycle

Get your app done at lightning speed thanks to React’s element reusability.

Reason #2: Reduced Costs

Pay less for a cross-platform app due to a single code base and vast component libraries.

Reason #3: Optimized Performance

Excel at user experience with a virtual DOM and only essential rendering.

Reason #4: Rapid Testing

Gather user feedback and test product features quickly thanks to hot reloading.

Reason #5: Extended Functionality

Add extra features to your core app logic with a vast selection of third-party plugins.

Bolster Your Brand and
Double Sales with an App

Develop your flagship React mobile app easily with our custom app development services. Request a free consultation today to finally kick this off!

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